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Delivering Excellence Since 1992

Proven Industry Record

Delivering On Time, Within Budget, And Meeting Clients’ Expectations

BETCO has built a reputation of excellence. The keys to our continued success are not only the products and services we provide, but the expertise of our team. Our knowledge and professionalism set us apart and have made us a regional leader in the construction industry.

We hold License #27797 with the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors, and are also licensed in Mississippi and Texas.


We are dedicated to safety, and strongly believe that the keys to achieving our safety goals are based on awareness, training, and reinforcement. The results of our program have been award- winning and we continue to strive to maintain and develop the highest standards of safety.

Our customer list is extensive and includes oil field service companies, commercial real estate developers, financial institutions, medical service facilities, educational institutions, supermarkets, and many municipality, parish, and state entities.


  • General Contracting

  • Construction Manager

  • Design-Build


For more info on our civil and industrial construction services, please click here.


BETCO has worked in many capacities, such as:


General Contracting

General Contracting is a traditional method of construction that BETCO has utilized since 1992. When brought in as a general contractor, we are able to establish a partnership with you from a variety of contract methods.

Acting as general contractor, we assume full responsibility for completing your project on time and within the specified budget. Our success stems directly from our relationship with our professional project managers and field superintendents, who make each project their own.

With BETCO as your general contractor, you will personally experience the kind of collaboration and cooperation that makes each project a rewarding one.


Construction Manager

The Construction Management approach utilized by BETCO oversees the entire building process on your behalf, and we become a partner in the process. In our experience, an effective CM works with the architect and the engineers during the design phase, offering value- engineering ideas on an ongoing basis. All decisions relative to the building program are made with the benefit of input from both a construction manager and an architect, providing a system of checks and balances that would otherwise not be present.


As a Construction Manager, BETCO brings a general contractor’s knowledge to the architect early in the design phase. This allows us to implement a system that controls workers, money and materials to work directly in your best interest. The Construction Management process also allows design and construction to proceed concurrently, saving time and money.



In the Design-Build approach, BETCO acts as the single point of contact and manages the architect and engineers on your behalf. Our clients choose the design-build approach because of our ability to develop a cohesive team and manage the process from beginning to end. This method is recommended when cost and schedule are the most important factors.

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