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An Injury-free workplace is our goal.

B.E.T. Construction, Inc. strongly believes that the safety of our employees is of utmost importance. We place a high value on conducting our business with respect and care towards people and the environment. Through leadership, dedicated employees, subcontractors who follow our example, and ownership that embraces a culture of safety, B.E.T. Construction, Inc. set the highest standards of safety in our industry.


Our leaders and employees are trained to maintain a quality work environment which promotes the well-being of the communities we serve.



  1. Always wear PPE as required.

  2. 100% fall protection required on unguarded areas 6’ or higher.

  3. Never enter an excavation/trench unless properly shored.

  4. Always use proper technique when lifting.

  5. Know your emergency procedures, contacts, routes, and safe areas.

  6. Lock-out/tag-out.

  7. Complete a JSA before doing a task.

  8. Always report near misses and injuries/accidents ASAP.

  9. Always operate equipment in a safe manner.

  10. Do it safe or not at all.

  • BBS – Behavior Based Safety

  • SWA – Stop Work Authority

  • SSE – Short Service Employee

  • PTW – Permit To Work

  • JSA – Job Safety Analysis

  • RCA – Root Cause Analysis

  • Employee Safety Committee


“Troy and his field management staff understand the importance of remaining claims free and are working hard to accomplish this objective. Troy’s positive influence over the superintendents, foremen, and workers is very evident as he commands respect from all involved. The key to your creation of a solid safety culture starts with Mr. Byron’s commitment in the provision of a safe work environment for his valued employees. Byron’s drive has permeated through all stages and levels of management, and with Troy as his supported point man, your program is bound to succeed.”

Mr. Sal Rabito - Senior Loss Control Consultant with Gallagher Bassett

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